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Merry Christmas and a great 2020!

Merry Christmas and a great 2020! A.Company will be in recess from 12/21/19 to 05/01/20.

Paula Nogueira Pilates | Website

Another website created by A.Companhia is online: Paula Nogueira Pilates

Carnival is coming!

Carnaval | A.Companhia will be in recess from 01/03/19 to 10/03/19.

EZK Team | Website

New project on air: check out the website we have developed for our EZK Team partners.

Horizonte Aberto | Website

Horizonte Aberto Catamarans counted on A.Companhia for the development of its communication.

Fisiomaster and EZK Team | Race of the Tunnel

We congratulate Fisiomaster and EZK Team, customers of A.Companhia, for the participation in the Tunnel Race.

Casa das Argamassas | Branding

Casa das Argamassas is a new store that has A.Companhia for the development of their communication.

ClipAir | Package

A.Companhia developed for DPM Group the new individual package (blister) of ClipAir.

JRV | Institutional Brochure

New printed brochure for JRV Services in order to show new services offered by the company.

Performance | Communication

Start to development of communication projects for Performance Sports Consulting.

Maria P. R. Moreira | Branding

Development of Visual Identity for Psychologist Maria P. R. Moreira.

Gracinda Peccini | Branding

We created the visual identity for the Psychologist Gracinda Peccini.

Upsports Club | Video

Video recording for Upsports Club, performances and testimonials from athletes in Rio Marathon 2016.

Memória Afetiva | E-Commerce

A.Companhia is developing the visual identity for the virtual store Memória Afetiva.

Studio In | Website

In the air the new version of Studio In website, created by A.Companhia.

CCM Advogados | Identidade Visual

We developed the visual identity and new website for CCM Lawyers.

Revista | IFRJ

Editorial project for the magazine "Research of Laboratory Errors in Clinical Practice" for IFRJ.

Argamassa Brasil | Website

We started the development of the new website of Argamassa Brasil.